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We promote the storage of water underground to help against the current worries of water shortages and environmental concerns.
On this site you will find many different shapes and sizes of underground tanks including water and oil.

We manufacture these tanks in our factory based on the Hertfordshire / Cambridgeshire border.


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1950 litre underground water tank 2800 litre wa


Underground Water Tanks

Storing water underground is not a new idea, it has been happening for hundreds of years with underground chambers being full up with rainwater collected from roofs.

The storage of water has become a major concern these days with frequent reminders about environmental issues. Storing water underground is more desirable then having a large water tank sitting outside your house.

Our Underground Water Tanks come in various different sizes to accommodate all. Made from strengthened MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) these tanks are durable enough to go into the ground and last.